This is where we work our magic to create your wood and epoxy table. The process isn’t hidden away behind closed doors — you can easily access the workshop from our showroom. How convenient! In the workshop, you select the wood for your dream table. That way, you know exactly which type, colour, grain and shape you’re getting, to create a table that meets all your specifications.


Art doesn’t come from a machine. Something this unique can only be made by hand. Only then can you feel the texture of the wood, guide the epoxy where it needs to go, and add minute details. We have some machines to help us, but it’s our hands that do the real work.

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At Jorra, the possibilities are endless. Even the seemingly impossible becomes possible. We don’t do standard models, fixed machine settings and maximum sizes. The design for your epoxy table is unique. And we’ll make a Jorra masterpiece for you. Masterfully crafted by hand.

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Sustainable and conscious

We exclusively use certified wood. For every table we make, we give back one tree. To the earth and to you – because when your table is unveiled, we’ll give you a tree that you can plant yourself! This way, we can all enjoy a greener world for longer.

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“We delight in our epoxy river table every day. We’re over the moon with it! Jorrit really listened to our wishes and no idea was too out there for him. During the process, he sent us updates with photos and videos. We’d recommend buying a table from Jorra to anyone!” – Mieke van Zagten – Netherlands
“Working with Jorra was a great experience. I instantly knew that this process would result in a beautiful table. And the result certainly lived up to my expectations! It’s extraordinary, robust and meticulously finished. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I’m 100% satisfied with the service.” – Wim van Stiphout – Netherlands

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