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Meet Jorrit. Owner of Jorra and a table wizard. 

He used to make cast floors, which is how he discovered the possibilities and magic of epoxy. His uncle, an experienced carpenter, taught him the ins and outs of wood.

In 2014, they made their first dining table together. Through experiments in craftsmanship, they found the perfect balance between epoxy and wood. The power of two worlds melding. And to this day, that is still the secret behind Jorra.


Each type of wood has a particular grain and each trunk has its own unique shape. Of course, you decide on the colour, size and finish of your table. All these possibilities make each piece of furniture unique. And ultimately make your space extra special!


With magical combinations of wood and epoxy, we make the impossible possible. We’re proud of that. But the source of Jorra’s je ne sais quoi will always remain a mystery. It’s a trade secret!


Your epoxy dining table is so striking, guests can’t help but admire it and compliment you on your impeccable taste. It’s a truly special piece. But you’re the lucky one who gets to enjoy this work of art in your dining room every single day.

Eight rings

Every year a tree grows, forming a ring in the wood. At Jorra, we have eight rings. Eight years of craftsmanship and experience. And every day, we acquire a little more. Because we’re not done growing.

Our craftsmanship


Time and care

We put time and care into everything we do. Whether that’s crafting epoxy tables and doors, or meeting with our customers. Visit our showroom to discuss your wishes at a time that’s best for you, and as often as you like.


We don’t have a catalogue of products to choose from. There are no standard sizes or limited choices when it comes to colour and shape. If you can dream it, we can make it. Our specialty is tables, but feel free to contact us if you have other kinds of ideas. The possibilities of wood and epoxy are endless!

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“We delight in our epoxy river table every day. We’re over the moon with it! Jorrit really listened to our wishes and no idea was too out there for him. During the process, he sent us updates with photos and videos. We’d recommend buying a table from Jorra to anyone!” – Mieke van Zagten – Netherlands
“Working with Jorra was a great experience. I instantly knew that this process would result in a beautiful table. And the result certainly lived up to my expectations! It’s extraordinary, robust and meticulously finished. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I’m 100% satisfied with the service.” – Wim van Stiphout – Netherlands

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